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What is it

Extended functionality for

  1. pywikibot
  2. mwclient



git clone



You might want to prepare some credential ini files with the Mediawiki-Japi CommandLine.

pywikibot expects a file. The minimum recommended file for intranet usecases is:

# Slow down the robot such that it never makes a second page edit within
# 'put_throttle' seconds.
put_throttle = 0

The easiest way is to put it at $HOME/.pywikibot/


Encrypted credential handling

Py-3rdparty-mediawiki allows using pywikibot by simply giving each wiki an id and using the credential information created by MediaWiki-Japi. The needed family file is automatically created and registered. If you'd like to get a pure python solution for credential handling please file an issue on github - it's no big deal but i personally don't need it yet since i'm fine with the new CommandLine feature added recently.

Semantic MediaWiki API support



from wikibot.wikibot import WikiBot
wikibot=WikiBot.ofWikiId("test2") ...