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What is it

The Mediawiki-Japi is just another Mediawiki API for Java.

Mediawiki's have a built in API see the Mediawiki API of this site.

To access such an API via Java a Mediawiki API Java Client library is needed.

See for a list of such clients. Mediawiki-Japi is another one.

Why Mediawiki-Japi?

Mediawiki-Japi is built around the XML/Json messages that are used by the Mediawiki API. The API changes frequently so the structure of the Java-code needs to stay up-to-date. This is achieved by

  1. generating the Java code from the XML message structure see jaxbgenerator
  2. testing the Java code against ExampleWikis

How to get it

Download / Get Mediawiki-Japi

How to test it

public read only tests / private read/write tests

You might want to setup the ExampleWikis in the JUnit TestSuite accordingly. (as of 0.1.06 you might want to change the code).

read/write tests on the example wikis

Most of the example wikis are public open wikis where you can sign up yourself.

If you'd like to run the JUnit tests with write-access to our test wikis at please contact Wolfgang Fahl. We'll then temporarily open up our wiki for you to sign up. If enough people sign up we'll keep the wiki open and install SPAM protection.

Where to find more info

github repository




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