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Development Environment


Maven 3 is is used in a pretty standard way - just look at pom.xml for details


initial import

The project can be imported to eclipse - using the m2eclipse plugin is recommended EclipseImportProject.png

Coding conventions

spaces for indentation, not tabs! see

and the answer

on how to do it


There is a JUnit 4 Testsuite for the Mediawiki-Japi library that accesses some ExampleWikis for the tests.

A login attempt is part of most of the tests - you'll need credentials at to run these tests successfully. You might want to create an account at

Credentials for the test example Mediawikis

The credentials for the test example Mediawikis are fetched from ini files in the .mediawiki-api subdirectory of your home directory. E.g. if your username is bob and the id of the Mediawiki is "mediawiki_org" then you'll find the ini file at $HOME/.mediawiki-api/bob_mediawiki_org.ini.

If the credentials ini files do not exist yet you are warned during the test run e.g.

Jan 04, 2015 6:27:51 PM com.bitplan.mediawiki.japi.user.WikiUser getUser
Schwerwiegend: Need to be able to read Credentials for
from /home/rene/.mediawiki-japi/rene_mediawiki_org.ini
Please run
    java -cp target/test-classes com.bitplan.mediawiki.japi.user.WikiUser mediawiki_org
to create it. Then restart your tests.

In this case you might want to run

    java -cp target/test-classes com.bitplan.mediawiki.japi.user.WikiUser mediawiki_org

The first parameter is the wikiid "mediawiki_org" which identifies the wiki the credentials are going to be used for.

When running WikiUser you'll be asked for:

  • username (please enter it with a capital first letter or fix the .ini file later)
  • password (will be encrypted)
  • e-mail

like this:

java -cp target/test-classes com.bitplan.mediawiki.japi.user.WikiUser mediawiki_org
Please Enter username: Scott
Please Enter password: tiger
Please Enter email:
Please Enter shall i store Scott's credentials encrypted in wf_mediawiki_org.ini y/n?: y

If you are using the Fat Jar file you can of course also call the run script provided.

Example for a credential ini file


#Mediawiki JAPI credentials for mediawiki_org
#Mon Jan 05 05:51:15 CET 2015
version=MediaWiki 1.27.3