René Barrois, Wolfgang Fahl

The following wikis are used as example wikis to test Mediawiki-Japi:

List of Example Wikis[edit]


plain Table version (deprecated)[edit]

siteurl wikiid wikiname Version email
http://mediawiki-japi.bitplan.com/mw1_19/ mw1_19test mediawiki-japi-test1_19 1.19.23 mediawiki-japi@bitplan.com
http://mediawiki-japi.bitplan.com/mw1_23/ mw1_23test mediawiki-japi-test1_23 1.23.8 mediawiki-japi@bitplan.com
http://mediawiki-japi.bitplan.com/mw1_24/ mw1_24test mediawiki-japi-test1_24 1.24.1 mediawiki-japi@bitplan.com

See Developer Info

Howto add Example Wikis[edit]

E.g. http://www.waihekepedia.org

  1. create a new Article in this Wiki e.g. www.waihekepedia.org
  2. add the article to the category Category:ExampleWiki by adding the markup [[Category:ExampleWiki]] to it
  3. add the siteurl property to it by adding [[siteurl::http://www.waihekepedia.org]]
  4. add more properties like the wikiid ...
  5. the process can be simplified by using the Template:ExampleWiki
  6. the process can be simplified a lot by using https://github.com/WolfgangFahl/JSMW_PageSchema
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