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Maven 3 is is used in a pretty standard way - just look at pom.xml for details


initial import[edit]

The project can be imported to eclipse - using the m2eclipse plugin is recommended EclipseImportProject.png

Coding conventions[edit]

spaces for indentation, not tabs! see

and the answer

on how to do it


There is a JUnit 4 Testsuite for the Mediawiki-Japi library that accesses some ExampleWikis for the tests.

A login attempt is part of most of the tests - you'll need credentials at to run these tests successfully. You might want to create an account at

Credentials for the test example Mediawikis[edit]

The credentials for the test example Mediawikis are fetched from ini files in the .mediawiki-api subdirectory of your home directory. E.g. if your username is bob and the id of the Mediawiki is "mediawiki_org" then you'll find the ini file at $HOME/.mediawiki-api/bob_mediawiki_org.ini.

If the credentials ini files do not exist yet you are warned during the test run e.g.

Jan 04, 2015 6:27:51 PM com.bitplan.mediawiki.japi.user.WikiUser getUser
Schwerwiegend: Need to be able to read Credentials for
from /home/rene/.mediawiki-japi/rene_mediawiki_org.ini
Please run
    java -cp target/test-classes com.bitplan.mediawiki.japi.user.WikiUser mediawiki_org
to create it. Then restart your tests.

In this case you might want to run

    java -cp target/test-classes com.bitplan.mediawiki.japi.user.WikiUser mediawiki_org

The first parameter is the wikiid "mediawiki_org" which identifies the wiki the credentials are going to be used for.

When running WikiUser you'll be asked for:

  • username (please enter it with a capital first letter or fix the .ini file later)
  • password (will be encrypted)
  • e-mail

like this:

java -cp target/test-classes com.bitplan.mediawiki.japi.user.WikiUser mediawiki_org
Please Enter username: Scott
Please Enter password: tiger
Please Enter email:
Please Enter shall i store Scott's credentials encrypted in wf_mediawiki_org.ini y/n?: y

If you are using the Fat Jar file you can of course also call the run script provided.

Example for a credential ini file[edit]


#Mediawiki JAPI credentials for mediawiki_org
#Mon Jan 05 05:51:15 CET 2015
version=MediaWiki 1.27.3
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